The photo shown at the top of this website was taken by an unknown photographer. It is known where and when this photo was taken. The photo dates from the summer of 1943 and pictures the grounds of the then Juliana van Stolberg Barracks in Amersfoort. There 70 Jewish men, prisoners of the concentration camp Vught, performed forced labor.


We, Jan Weitkamp and Amanda Kluveld (both historians) are writing a book about these events. We also conduct many other research studies in the area of persecution and resistance. Our goal is to find out as much as possible about the victims of persecution and to tell their stories. We combine our research with genealogy. On this website we report on some of our findings. In addition, we discuss relevant literature for our research, we sometimes share our articles published elsewhere or we respond to current events. All this because we research and remember every day. That is the Great Commandment for us today.


Regarding the photo. We wrote an article about one of the 70 prisoners for The Galizianer, a genealogical magazine of the historical society Gesher Galicia.